Some still waiting to get new Ohio driver’s license weeks after applying


Some Ohioans are still waiting for their new driver's licenses after the state switched to a mailing process.

The new program started July second. Instead of getting your new license immediately at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, they're now made at a different location and mailed out. You should receive yours within 10 days of applying.

But we talked with a driver who signed up on that first day and still hasn't received it. Brian Roudabush’s temporary license is about to expire. He says he's contacted the BMV several times and is getting concerned.

“I'm getting worried about if I do get pulled over, if that document's expired, then I'm going to technically be a no-ops,” said Roudabush.

The BMV responded with this statement:

“During the first few days of the new DL/ID implementation, we became aware of a production glitch involving the magnetic stripe on the back of the cards. We have addressed that issue with our vendor and they are reprinting and sending cards to those impacted. Mr. Roudabush was one of a very small percentage of customers affected by this glitch. He will be receiving his new card in the mail soon. He is and will remain valid in our system. Since the July 2 implementation, we have had less than 1% of undelivered DL/IDs. We established procedures from the beginning of the new DL/ID implantation to account for and accommodate customers in this type of situation. Your DL-ID card will be received in the mail about 10 business days after visiting a Deputy Registrar agency. The BMV will receive any undeliverable/returned DL-ID cards and automatically re-mail the card to the mailing address on file. If the card comes back undeliverable a second time, it will be destroyed and will be the customer's responsibility to correct their address with the BMV and purchase a new card from the Deputy Registrar agency.”

The BMV says, if after 21 days you have not received your DL-ID, you can call 1-844-OHIO-BMV or click here to live chat.

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