Abandoned pit bull dies from physical, sexual abuse two weeks after adoption


An animal shelter in California is asking for an investigation after a pit bull died from alleged physical and sexual abuse after being found injured on Monday.

The 5-year-old dog, named Cargo, was dumped in front of a home, KTLA reports. Nearby residents reported seeing two men drop her off.

A woman in the neighborhood who spotted the dog said she had trouble getting ahold of animal control, so she contacted a local rescue foundation.

Dianty Marquez, of Ghetto Rescue Foundation, said the dog was clearly suffering when she arrived to help.

“Head down, she had a rope tied to her neck and she wasn’t going anywhere,” Marquez told KTLA.

The dog was taken to an emergency veterinarian where they learned there was trauma in her vaginal area. Marquez said, "they made her as comfy as they could."

The next day, Marquez says Cargo took a turn for the worse and passed away due to her complications.

“She passed because she had some type of blunt force trauma and it caused her aorta to rupture,” according to Marquez.

The rescue learned that Cargo was adopted two weeks earlier during a free adoption event at Orange County Animal Care. They knew the 5-year-old pit bull by a different name: "Valerie."

Orange County Animal Care released the following statement:

OC Animal Care staff is aware of a situation with a dog, “Valerie,” recently adopted from our shelter. Our staff and volunteers are deeply saddened to learn of her passing and the alleged circumstances involving her death. Valerie was with us for three months and was loved by many.

Although this incident occurred outside of our jurisdiction and we are not the investigating agency, we are working with the local authorities in Los Angeles regarding this case. OC Animal Care is providing them all the information we have about Valerie and will continue to assist in their ongoing investigation.

The OC Animal Care shelter does not discriminate against those wishing to adopt unless they are suspected of or have been convicted of animal offenses. We utilize information about investigations from our own animal control as well as other law enforcement agencies to make this determination. We take the safety of all animals in our care seriously and, as a result of the circumstances surrounding Valerie’s death, the individual who adopted Valerie is now ineligible for future adoptions at our shelter.

If you have any additional information regarding this case, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department Animal Cruelty Task Force at 213-486-0450.